Candra Hope is a Scottish artist based in Golspie in the north east. She is registered blind with Retinitis Pigmentosa but hasnt let that stop her doing what she loves, which is creating paintings inspired by her imagination and the scenery around her. She works both traditionally in oils and digitally on the computer. She is open for commissions so if you want to discuss a project, you can get in touch with her by email at Feel free to browse the different galleries to get a feel for her work first.

Image licensing;

Some illustrations are available for licensing and are marked as such. If you would like to discuss details and terms please use the contact form or above email address.

You can find a selection of prints here;

You can also find her gallery art here;

Golspie Gallery

The Barn Owl Bothy, Dornoch

Carmichael Tea Rooms, Lanarkshire